Principle Investigator

Seth Dworkin

Seth Dworkin, Ph.D., P.Eng., FCSME
Professor, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Canada Research Chair in Sustainable Energy Modelling and Simulation
Toronto Metropolitan University

B.Eng. – McMaster University, 2003
M.Sc. – Yale University, 2004
M.Phil. – Yale University, 2005
Ph.D. – Yale University, 2009

Selected Awards:
2020 – Research Excellence Award of The Combustion Institute, recognizing Institute members who have made contributions of innovative and prolific research.
2017 – McMaster University Alumni Association Arch Award, recognizing the achievements of McMaster alumni within fifteen years of graduation.
2015 – Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), Engineering Medal – Young Engineer, for exceptional achievements in career, community and professional participation before the age of 35.
2013 – Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME) “I. W. Smith Award,” for outstanding achievement in creative mechanical engineering within ten years of undergraduate graduation.
2008 – Bernard Lewis Fellowship, The International Combustion Institute, recognizing research achievements and potential.

Full CV

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Francisco Cepeda

Francisco Cepeda

Dr. Francisco Cepeda completed his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, followed by his MSc. degree at the same university in 2017. He completed his PhD at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2023. His research focuses on understanding how the soot formation and oxidation processes of non-premixed flames are affected by introducing changes in the combustion conditions, such as the oxidizer composition, and by imposing forced oscillations in the fuel stream.


Mohammadamin Ahmadfard

Dr. Mohammadamin Ahmadfard is a Mechanical Engineering PhD graduate from Polytechnique Montreal, where he specialized in renewable energies with a focus on geothermal science under the supervision of Prof. Michel Bernier. With several years of experience, Mohammadamin has a strong background in designing HVAC systems incorporating heat pumps connected to solar panels and borehole thermal energy storage. His expertise also includes designing boreholes, problem optimization, simulating analytical and numerical models, and fluid and heat transfer.

PhD Students

Andisheh Khanehzar

Andisheh Khanehzar

Andisheh completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Shiraz University in 2015 and her Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering at Sharif University of Technology in 2018. In her M.Sc. thesis, she worked on the numerical investigation of MILD combustion enhancement through plasma injection. She was honoured with the 2020 Best Thesis Award of the Iranian Aerospace Society. Currently, she is pursuing her PhD studies in combustion simulation, with a focus on soot modelling and prediction.

Ibrahim Ghalayini

Ibrahim Ghalayini

Ibrahim completed his bachelor’s and MASc degrees in Mechanical Engineering at Toronto Metropolitan University in 2020 and 2021, respectively. His research focused on numerically modelling nanofluids and investigating single-phase and two-phase models. Due to the effects of nanoparticle sedimentation on heat extraction, his thesis focused on employing Buongiorno’s two-phase model to develop an understanding on the effects of Brownian motion as well as thermophoretic effects on the hydrothermal properties of nanofluids. He re-joined the Mechanical/Industrial Engineering Department at Toronto Metropolitan University as a PhD student in 2022, focusing his research on numerically modelling ground source heat pump systems in steel helical piles.

Masters Students

Anthony Di Liddo

Anthony Di Liddo

Anthony achieved his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Toronto Metropolitan University in 2023. Throughout his undergraduate studies, he actively participated in a range of courses and projects that revolved around fluid mechanics and heat transfer, further fuelling his passion in the field. Serving as an undergraduate research assistant within the Dworkin group, he made valuable contributions to the domain of sustainable building energy research. Currently, Anthony is pursuing a Master of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering, with his research focusing on developing an advanced geothermal heating and cooling control system for optimization.

Undergraduate Students

Nayoung Kim

Nayoung Kim

Mattias Cheung

Mattias Cheung


From Left: Pedram Hatefraad, Rozhan Ghoreishi
MIE Awards Night 2018, From Left: Pedram Hatefraad, Rozhan Ghoreishi
From Left: Dr. Ali Khosousi, Professor Seth Dworkin
Convocation 2016, From Left: Dr. Ali Khosousi, Professor Seth Dworkin
The Dworkin group at the 2015 PEO awards gala, from left to right: Emily Law, Hiep Nguyen, Prof. Seth Dworkin, Ali Khosousi, Meysam Sahafzadeh
The Dworkin group at the 2015 PEO awards gala, from left to right: Emily Law, Hiep Nguyen, Prof. Seth Dworkin, Ali Khosousi, Meysam Sahafzadeh
From Left: Hiep Nguyen, Professor Seth Dworkin, Sepehr Bozorgzadeh
Convocation 2014, From Left: Hiep Nguyen, Professor Seth Dworkin, Sepehr Bozorgzadeh

Former Group Members

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Mehdi Jadidi

Dr. Sylvie Antoun

Dr. Aggrey Mwesigye

Dr. Leonardo Zimmer

Dr. Ayman Bayomy

Dr. Meysam Sahafzadeh

Dr. Ali Khosousi

Dr. Armin Veshkini

Former PhD Students

Dr. Francisco Cepeda

Thesis: “Computational Studies of Soot Production for Varying Fuels, Pressures, and Flow Conditions” (2023)

Dr. Reza Daneshazarian

Thesis: “Studies in Ground Heat Transfer and Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Material and Nanoparticles” (2021)

Dr. Hiep Nguyen

Thesis: “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Thermal Storage Medium for Ground Source Heat Pump Applications” (2020)

Dr. Jamie Fine

Thesis: “Development of a Hybrid Solar Cascade Heat Pump Heating System” (2018)

Dr. Meysam Sahafzadeh

Thesis: “The Effect of Unsteady Stretch on Laminar Premixed Curved Flames” (2018)

Dr. Nick Eaves

Thesis: “The Effect of Reversibility and High Pressure on Soot Formation” (2016)

Dr. Ali Khosousi

Thesis: “Detailed Numerical Study of Soot Surface Growth and Oxidation in Laminar Diffusion Flames” (2015)

Dr. Armin Veshkini

Thesis: “Understanding Soot Particle Growth Chemistry and Particle Sizing Using a Novel Soot Growth and Formation Model” (2015)

Dr. Sanaz Arabzadeh Esfarjani

Thesis: “A Modeling Framework for the Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by RF Plasma Technology” (2013)

Former Masters Students

Beatrice Adebisi

Thesis: “Development of an Extensive Soot Prediction Methodology using Neural Networks” (2022)

Luke Di Liddo

Thesis: “Exploring Soot Inception with Stochastic Modelling, Machine Learning, and CFD” (2022)

Pedram Hatefraad

Thesis: “Field-scale Experimental Analysis of Helical Steel Piles as In-ground Heat Exchangers for Ground Source Heat Pumps” (2022)

Saunak Shukla

Thesis: “Characterization of a Novel Radiant Floor Panel and a Caisson-Based Geothermal System” (2020)

Sarah Nicholson

Thesis: “Characterization of a Novel In-Ground Heat Exchanger for Applications in Sustainable Building Energy and Maintaining Permafrost” (2020)

Amin Mansousi

Thesis: “Modelling the Effect of Pressure on Soot Formation in Varying-Pressure Coflow Laminar Diffusion Flames” (2020)

Nemanja Ceranic

Thesis: “The Influence of Aliphatics on Soot Inception Modelling” (2018)

Raymond Alexander

Thesis: “Development of a Soot Concentration Estimation Library for Industrial Combustion Applications Using Lagrangian Parcel Tracking” (2017)

Alisha Hunter

Thesis: “Comparative Life Cycle Assessment: Ground Source Heat Pump System Versus Gas Furnace and Air Conditioner System” (2017)

Adam Alaica

Thesis: “The Development of an Off-peak Ground Pre-cool Control Strategy for Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems” (2016)

Emily Law

Thesis: “Characterization of the Effects of Borehole Layouts in Geo-exchange” (2016)

Bijan Shahriari

Thesis: “Development and Validation of a Partially Coupled Soot Model for Turbulent Kerosene Combustion in Industrial Applications” (2014)

Hiep Nguyen

Thesis: “Analyses of the factors affecting hybrid ground-source heat pump installation potential” (2014)

Sepehr Bozorgzadeh

Thesis: “Development of a Soot Concentration Estimator for Industrial Combustion Applications” (2014)

Michael Di Paolo

Thesis: “Design of a smart manifold for geothermal HVAC installations” (2014)

Levon Larson

Thesis: “Numerical Simulation of Liquid Prechamber Fuel Ignition” (2013)

Kaveh Khalilian

Thesis: “Development and Validation of a Partially Coupled, Two-Equation Soot Model for Industrial Applications” (2013)

Masih Alavy

Thesis: “Optimization of Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems Design” (2013)

Zannatul Moiet Hasib

Thesis: “Residential Micro Tri-Generation System Based on a Gas Fired Stirling Engine CHP and Thermo Chemical Accumulator (TCA)”(2013)

Navid Ekrami

Thesis: “Feasibility of Residential Combined Cooling, Heating, and Power Generation System in Canadian Cities”(2013)

Nick Eaves

Thesis: “The Effect of Pressure and Conjugate Heat Transfer on Soot Formation Modelling” (2012)

Former Undergraduate Research Assistants

Erica Attard (2021/2022)

Leya Kober (2019/2020/2021)

Alejandro Gonzalez-Ferras (2019/2020)

Stevan Kostic (2018/2019/2020)

Rozhan Ghoreishi (2017/2018/2019)

Bobby Anand (2016/2017)

Talha Ansari (2016/2017/2018)

Akshay Chaudhari (2015)

Mihai Duica (2015)

Sana Askari (2015)

Raymond Alexander (2014/2015)

Nikola Kuzmic (2014/2015)

Vivian Truong (2014)

Emily Law (2013/2014)

Brian Reghelini (2013)

Adam Alaica (2013)

Chloe Zhou (2013)

Pushan Lele (2012)

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